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App for the screening of contacts and masterdata

Sanction list screening

Sanction list screening is an app that enables you to screen your contacts and masterdata against different sanction lists.

Are you ready for sanction list screening?

The app enables you to screen your contacts, vendors, customers, and differing delivery addresses against different sanction lists while creating or changing automatically. Furthermore, the app can be integrated in different process steps.

Every company is required by law to screen its data against sanction lists and store the results. It is based on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1390 of 16.01.2002. This Resolution defines measures to combat terrorism and is aimed at persons, companies and organizations established by the Committee of Sanctions, on a public list of names.

This app combines the integration with the search engine in the background.



  • Time-controlled master data reconciliation for checking existing business contacts
  • Email-controlled notification of the defined circle of people in case of possible hits

Checks & Updates

  • Automatic updates of all sanctuaries by an official source
  • Simple manual (online) individual check
  • Automatic check with every list update
  • Checking the address when creating the address



Fully integrated with Business Central

Documentation & History

  • Complete and immutable documentation
  • History per tested contact (including all test parameters)


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