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App for the analyse of tax postings

VAT Control List

VAT Control List is an app that simplifies the analysis of tax entries. It helps to keep an eye on VAT items and posted G/L accounts and saves time-consuming filtering of G/L items.

Are you ready for VAT Control List?

The VAT control list provides detailed information on the entry date, document number, description, VAT business and product posting group, movement and VAT amount. This list is excellent for identifying incorrect tax entries and false entries.



Grouping according to the combinations of the VAT posting groups used is possible. Subtotals of these groupings can also be output per account


In contrast to the standard report, the report creation can be further filtered with the available fields from the G/L account table


Detailed report

More detailed report compared to the standard report. Individual bookings can also be output if required.

Display of already cancelled items possible


Cumulative overview of totals per combination possible


Screenshot 1 VAT Control list
Screenshot 1 VAT Control list

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