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the export of data required by the Luxemburgish tax authorities

eCDF Annual Accounts

eCDF Annual Accounts is an app that enabling the export of data required by the Luxemburgish tax authorities with additional specific fields and format. It is exporting the data of the Chart of account from Business Central, fulfilling the logic of the eCDF portal and generates a balance sheet and profit and loss on a predefined dataset.

Are you ready for eCDF Annual Accounts?

Our app enables you to directly export the data out of your Business Central and puts the data in the xml file the correct way. So you are able to upload the XML file in the eCDF portal without entering your data manually.



  • Data-extended fields to ensure that the statement data are compliant with eCDF portal requirements
  • Mapping from your Business Central logic to the eCDF portal logic
  • Generation of the compliant file for your desired time period



Application based on the global W1 database
Data of Business Central already mapped to eCDF portal logic. (We also provide a premade row definition you can purchase)



Automatically creation of the balance sheet and your profit and loss report, based on your chart of accounts

Time savings

You save time and effort in reporting your annual accounts. Furthermore, the risk of incorrect manual entry is eliminated by using this app to upload the data into the eCDF portal


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